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Adventure Colorado LLC is a newly formed licensed and professional fishing guide service for Colorado.

In the Northern Colorado area we focus guded fishing on Horsetooth Reservoir, Boyd Lake, Carter Lake and various private lakes and ponds in the Loveland, Fort Collins areas. We also guide on Aurora Reservoir, Pueblo Reservoir, Williams Fork Reservoir and Delaney Butte Lakes.  We have over 20 years intense experience fishing numerous lakes in Colorado.  We come from a family of avid fisherman ... we grew up on it ... and we love what we do.


We are continuously expanding our services, products and access to more lakes in Colorado.

Fishing is a great activity to be enjoyed by people of all ages from all backgrounds. When you fish you get to spend time outside with good friends and family building great relationships and ... there is a certain serenity to it.

For the novice fishing person our guide will speed up your learning curve. Your guide will help you grow your fishing skills and improve your angling effectiveness. You will learn many different aspects about fishing and soon you can fish as if you were a professional. 


Aaron Hill - Owner

Adventure Colorado LLC

Loveland, CO


You will learn about tackle and technique, knowing what structures to fish on and what time of year to fish them, why the fish are there, how to find fish and navigate a boat or Kayak safely.  These are all characteristics that your guide knows from their dedicated time being on the lakes day after day through out the seasons.

We are equipped with innovative fish equipment to accommodate a wide range of experience levels and fishing styles .

We are a family oriented service and believe there is nothing better than enjoying the great Colorado Outdoors with family, friends and co-workers.

Go fishing!  Have fun!  Catch fish!  That's what it's about!


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