Boat & Kayak Fly Fishing

Boat Fly Fishing

Boat & Kayak Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing From the Boat

When one thinks of fly fishing, usually the image that comes to mind is walking alone down a stream or river or along a babbling brook.  


Certainly this is not a bad way to go ... however ... this type of fly fishing can be somewhat limited for some people.  

It can also become increasingly difficult for seniors to navigate the obstacles in nature (rocks, trees, steep embankments) and many times unfortunately they give up their passion for fly fishing.  Not anymore .... there are a couple excellent alternatives to continue your passion for fly fishing. 


Don't count out fly fishing from a boat.  This can be a real revelation for the avid fly fisherman. By Fly fishing from a boat you are able to reach more, less-pressured and otherwise inaccessible water with a boat easily and quickly.  Rather than battling with rocks trees and such boat fly fishing removes most of natures major "fly fishing obstacles".  

Boats offer a huge advantage to the reservoir for fly fishermen. They allow the angler to cover more areas of water far quicker than roaming the banks.  If you are a  "senior" don't give up on your love for fly fishing because of not being able to navigate the "terrain" as you used to .... fly fishing from a boat provides an excellent way for you to continue your passion of fly fishing.

Fly fishing from a boat offers a very comfortable way to fly fish.  It's nice to just sit and float, bring along a lunch or cooler and other "creature comforts", extra rods and equipment.

Kayak Fly Fishing

Kayak Fly Fishing?   Oh Yeah !

The New 360 Angler Fishing Kayaks are available from Adventure Colorado Guided Fishing.

Light, affordable and easy to transport, kayaks shine on the smaller lakes, ponds, and for prowling shorelines on bigger water. These new Kayaks provide for virtually "hands free" operation.  Excellent for any open water fishing.


The 360 Angler Fishing Kayaks were designed specifically for fishing.  Go to our Kayak Fishing page and learn about these fantastic kayaks available through Adventure Colorado.

Better yet ..... Reserve a Trip with Adventure Colorado and experience these great Kayaks for yourself !

Kayaks Designed Specifically for Fishing !

Adventure Colorado Guided Fishing Has Them !

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