Colorado Guided Ice Fishing Trips

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Ice Fishing - Trips & Prices

4-hour Day Trip     1-2 Persons      $300

6-hour Day Trip     1-2 Persons      $400

Youths under age 13 are free! (with adult) ! 

Add $50 for each additional person

Adventure Colorado - Ice Fishing Trips

Ice fishing is a fun and effective way to catch fish for people of all ages and is an incredibly family friendly outing.


When a lake ices over a large portion of the various food sources fish usually have gets cut off until spring.  This means the fish are less picky about their food.  When using proper vertical lure selection, presentation and techniques proves to be very beneficial. (Trout especially)


Ice fishing is a great way to educate yourself with various vertical lure presentations which will also work throughout the entire year.  Due to the clarity of the water under the ice along with using a sonar you can actually get a visual on how your lure acts and determine what specific action triggers the fish to bite.  You can literally watch the fish come to your lure on the sonar screen.  

Adventure Colorado guided ice fishing trips are a fun and productive way to spend the day.  Whether you're looking to educate yourself on what equipment is needed, looking for a new location or want to learn new techniques, Adventure Colorado has the equipment, destinations and knowledge to help you accomplish your vertical fishing goals. 

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